Reflective Poetry For The Spirit by Alan R. Olmsted

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E-Book | B00CNNQL1E | 103 Pages | $5.99

Paperback | 9781942296492 | 90 Pages | $9.20

“It has been a wonderful pleasure for me to read this manuscript, it is beautifully written. Your love and faith for God is truly uplifting to read. The title you have chosen is perfect for your work; I totally believe this manuscript would make an outstanding chapbook.

You write with flair, your faith is so very strong and it shows in every poem. This manuscript is well done.”

Joy Ramsey
Editor, The Plowman Ministries

“This book is uplifting, creative, expressive, encouraging, and inspirational. It reflects a down-to-earth, honest communication with God. It is thought provoking. It invokes a reader to think about spiritual matters. This book envisions having a relationship with God, whom anyone can humbly enter into.”

Alan Olmsted

“Thank you for sending this to me! It is expressive and impressive, extremely well written with superior material. Please keep on writing as your work is fabulous and you have a great writing talent.

Tony Scavetta
The Plowman Ministries