Alan Olmsted grew up in Central New York and received a BS degree in Business Administration from Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY. He currently works and resides in Syracuse, NY. In high school, he enjoyed literature and writing.

Growing up, his parents took him to Sunday school and church. He grew up reading the Bible, so he spent time praying to God and seeking Him. This helped him develop a relationship with God that never ceased. He waxed and waned, but he has never given up on seeking Him.

In the 1990’s, he was inspired to write poems. At the time, it seemed more like a personal devotion to God. He shared his poems with family and friends and they thought the poems were good. He kept on writing more and more. He had people tell him that the poems should be published. He then gathered a collection of his poems and had them published into an e-book so others could read them. His aim is to inspire and encourage others in his or her walk with God.

He published this book in April 2013 and was able to show it to his Dad. He saw his name acknowledged in the book. He was delighted and thought Alan’s book was well-written. In September 2013, two days before Alan’s birthday, his father passed away. He is so grateful that he was able to share this with him.