Reflective Poetry For The Spirit by Alan R. Olmsted

“As the sand leaks
Down through the hourglass
Time reminds me of the past days
That You Lord, spent with me
Walking with me

As the wind blows
The waves of the sea
Brush against the rocks
I can hear it
Oh how peaceful the torrents seem
When I stand on solid ground

Listening to sea shells
Some say they can hear the ocean
Lifting up my head
And placing my ears towards Your mouth
Your sweet whispers are so pleasant”

From “Talk To Me, Lord”

It is common to read the introduction of a book, the author’s hopes and dreams for his or her work, and find that their intention does not translate to the pages that follow. Reflective Poetry for the Spirit is not that book. Alan Olmsted’s intention in writing his collection was to encourage a personal relationship with God and that was achieved tenfold.

Yet Olmsted is immensely successful in balancing his collection. You are never left to languish in the darkness without being brought back into the light. You won’t be left to despair without being raised up. So many poetry collection focus only on the negative aspects of life, while others don’t want to acknowledge the realities. Reflective Poetry masters this delicate balance.

From “Your First Review”